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Music Monday: Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil

Steve Taylor is one of my favorite artists. Unfortunately, he has not put out an album or toured since the ’90s. Since then he has gone into film, most recently directing Blue Like Jazz. As I wrote previously:

He is best known for his Christian music career in the '80s and '90s. I was always struck by the quality of his work. In a sub-genre that often produced mediocre, cheesy fluff, he was striving to make excellent art and addressing important topics within Christianity. (“We Don't Need No Colour Code” criticized Bob Jones University's policy against interracial dating that existed until 2000.)

There have been hints of new music from Steve, including a song on the Blue Like Jazz soundtrack. When he launched a Kickstarter for a new band/album, I jumped on it. Recently, the first songs from the upcoming album Goliath were released.

Check out “Only a Ride”:

Also, the Kickstarter video was great; one of the funniest I had seen in a while:

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Phil Boltz, Troy Kouts, The Perfect Foil, and 2 others

Troy Kouts Troy Kouts
Nice! I love it.

The Perfect Foil The Perfect Foil
@gRegorLove Thanks gRegor!

Ron Mad Smitty Smith Ron Mad Smitty Smith
just saw a snipped of him today when I was watching a doc on NetFlix, "American Jesus"

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