Mom is coming home today! She will wear a defibrillator vest (“life vest”) as a precaution. Once she's healed up more, in a month or so, they will revisit whether to put in a pacemaker. I suspect they will and I think we would all feel better if she had one. She will be taking a potassium and magnesium supplement, and a blood thinner for the clot. I talked to her on the phone a bit ago and she seems to be doing great. She's more than ready to get home.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, and support.


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♕ Suzanne Zaleski ♕ ♕ Suzanne Zaleski ♕
@gRegorLove YESSSSS.

Ron Mad Smitty Smith Ron Mad Smitty Smith
so I take it she can no longer do the Iron Man? :D

codebear codebear
@gRegorLove that's great news! *HUGS* to you and your mom!

Brooke Corcoran Brooke Corcoran
@gRegorLove woohoo! praise God!

Ron Mad Smitty Smith Ron Mad Smitty Smith
the gRegorian cyberwoman? :D

Brenda Dawson Brenda Dawson
We are so glad she is home! Prayers for continued healing!

Lucy Dates Lucy Dates
So glad everything went well and you and Amanda could be there to support Mom and Joe! Will continue to keep her in prayer...

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