Mom is continuing to recover well. She walked about 30 feet again and sat up in a chair for several hours. The main thing that is a concern now is a small blood clot in her leg, which is likely from the initial surgery. There's been some differing opinions among the doctors whether they should put an IVC filter in to prevent the clot from (potentially) going to her heart and lungs, or whether they should just use blood thinners to break it up. The former involves surgery (and sedation), and mom is really, really hesitant to have surgery now after all she's been through. Most likely she'll be taking the blood thinner route; she will probably decide tomorrow morning.

Her heart function is in normal range and her heartbeat has been very regular, so the ablation surgery seems to have worked perfectly to fix her arrhythmia.


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Brenda Dawson Brenda Dawson
Continued prayers for all of you! So glad she is doing better!

Suzanne Zaleski Suzanne Zaleski
Poor Mommer - I hope this is the last of this ordeal and that she continues to heal up. I'll keep praying. ❤️

Sarah Rodgers Walker Sarah Rodgers Walker
Gregor Mamma Love! I'm glad she is improving this will be behind her soon. Mucho love.

Lucy Dates Lucy Dates
Appreciate the updates and glad things are improving! Will continue to keep you all in prayer! Sending our love and support...

Jean Dawson Jean Dawson
Thank you for the updates, Greg. Prayers are powerful, and they are obviously working!

Sally Cassidy Sally Cassidy
Prayers continue for all! Take care of Gregor also!

Naomi Smith Naomi Smith
Hugs and prayers

Jane E. Player Jane E. Player
So glad to hear she is on the road to recovery.

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