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Music Monday: New Mew!

Mew is one of my favorite bands that I have unfortunately not been able to see live yet. They are from Denmark and have not toured America much. Of course, the year I decided not to go to South by Southwest music festival . . . guess where they are playing?

How to best describe them? Dreamy, melodic, odd and intriguing rhythms. If you enjoy Sigur Rós, you will probably enjoy Mew.

Their last album was released in 2009, so I was quite excited to learn their new album will be released April 27 this year. It is titled +- (yes, plus sign minus sign) and here is the song “Satellites”:

And the Glass Handed Kites is still my favorite album of theirs. If you enjoyed this, you should give it a listen.

“Special” from And the Glass Handed Kites

“Snow Brigade” live, from Frengers

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Christopher Siler, Nicole Gardner

Amanda Amanda
You should get paid to do this ;)

Krystal V. Weber Krystal V. Weber
@gRegorLove AHHHH New Mew album?! AHHHHH~

Jafar Rafee Green Jafar Rafee Green
SRC just re-released Frengers on vinyl, I need to pick that up...

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