Summary: in the evening after mom's ablation surgery she was recovering well. She then unexpectedly had heart fibrillation. They performed CPR and the chest compression broke her sternum. They had to shock her to stop the fibrillation. Her heart fibrillated a second time and they had to shock her again. Her heart fibrillated a third time, but she came out of that naturally, which the doctor was very happy about. There was 30 minutes of resuscitation. She stabilized after that and has been doing well, but very tired and understandably has a lot of chest pain.

They don't really know what caused the fibrillation, though she did have really low potassium levels which can make such events worse. The doctor says her heart rate and everything there looks good, so the ablation surgery was successful. Now they're just monitoring different levels in her body (potassium, magnesium, hemoglobin) to make sure everything is OK. Her hemoglobin is low so they're going to do an echocardiogram tomorrow to make sure there is no internal bleeding.

She is conscious and talking, feeling a bit down understandably. We just keep encouraging her that she's doing much better and it will just take some time to heal. She knows many people are thinking and praying and appreciates that.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep posting if there is anything new.


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Sheryl Sheryl
@gRegorLove @mommer thanks for the update. Good to hear that it sounds like she’s recovering, if slowly.

Brooke Corcoran Brooke Corcoran
@gRegorLove @mommer thanks for the update. We will continue to pray for y'all and speedy recovery.

Alanna Faith Abrams Alanna Faith Abrams
Thanks for the update on your mom!

Brenda Dawson Brenda Dawson
Thank you for sharing!

Katt Chisare Katt Chisare
Sending prayers and love to you and your mom! Hang in there.

Jane E. Player Jane E. Player
Thanks for the update.

Lindsay Dreher Lindsay Dreher
Thank you for letting us know. Hugs to your mom. Yeah, I know I haven't seen her for like 12 years, but hugs anyway.

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