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100 Words 001

I enjoyed listening to a podcast episode with Jeremy Keith and Jeffrey Zeldman about the importance of writing for yourself. That led me to Jeremy's 100 words for 100 days, a challenge to post (exactly) 100 words each day for 100 days.

I decided to take up that challenge.

I also decided to focus more on writing for myself. It’s not that I focus on making my posts interesting to others, but I have fallen out of the habit of posting the seemingly insignificant minutiae. Those add up to “life,” though, and I want to look back on them someday.

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Kyle Mahan Kyle Mahan
I hadn’t realized @adactio was writing exactly 100 words before I listened to that pcast, it’s definitely a fun idea. Looking forward to reading what you write!

Doug Doug
I don’t know how to tell what link the feed reader (feedly in this case) is using, nor how to change it. BTW, your quotes came out HTML escaped in the feed.

gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
Doug: I'm not sure either since I'm not using Feedly. I set up a permanent redirect in Feedburner, so readers are following that to pull in the posts seamlessly, but it may not update the actual feed URL. Probably not an issue for the near future, but if Feedburner ever disappears you might stop seeing the posts. I guess you could unsubscribe and then re-subscribe with the new feed URL. That notice is in the new feed, but I'll remove it in a month or so.
Thanks for the heads up on the encoding. Making valid XML is such a pain in the neck sometimes. :)

Laurie Guerrettaz Laurie Guerrettaz
I feel like if I had a blog, I would be writing mainly about the struggles of common people. I have scaled way back on social media sharing. 100 words in 100 days would probably be 'pick a random thing to talk about' instead of 'the minutiae.' Memories are weird and dumb.

Jonathan Green Jonathan Green
I haven't written online for some time. I'm setting a reminder on my calendar for 100 days starting on 2/1. I may give it a try.

Rachel Skirts Rachel Skirts

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Cool! Do you still have

Jonathan Green Jonathan Green
I still own it, nothing is there right now.

Alan Gallivan Alan Gallivan
Gregor Morrill Me too.

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