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100 Words 009

“Free pie Wednesday.” This phrase is perhaps only second in importance to “Free pie every day.”

We went to Shari’s restaurant for dinner tonight. It was good; like a better quality Denny’s. I think we were the youngest people in there, besides the servers. Who cares, though? Free. Pie. Amanda had S’mores pie and I had coconut cream. Only downside was they had strawberry rhubarb but no straight rhubarb.

Then we went to see Inside Out, which was great. I think it might be my new favorite of the Pixar movies.

“Pixar what do you want with our tears” — @gabethelaks

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Nicole Gardner, Chris Magnusson, Laurie Guerrettaz

Laurie Guerrettaz Laurie Guerrettaz
Really want to see Inside Out!

Amandica Amandica
Free. Pie.

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