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Cruise Is a Verb

A month ago there were rumblings of big news coming from DC Talk. After 16 years of hiatus and each member moving on to solo careers or other bands, the DC Talk Facebook put up an image that just said “2017.” Fans understandably started speculating about reunion shows or a new album. A week later they made the big announcement . . . that there would be a “Jesus Freak Cruise” in 2017. A lot of fans were disappointed. Sure, it might be fun to go on a cruise and see DC Talk perform again, but it’s not feasible for most people. It was a poor marketing strategy to hype it up so much. I expect there will be a new album eventually, but leading with a cruise as your first big news after all that hype wasn’t smart.

A lot of the response online was negative and pretty funny, honestly. It got to the extent that Kevin Max himself posted this hilarious meme on Twitter later the day of the announcement:

photo of Ted Cruz with text “Why doesn’t anyone want a Cruz?”

I’m in a Facebook group titled 90s Christian Music Recovery Group. It is a good mix of reminiscing about bands we enjoy(ed), laughing at how bad some of it was, and a lot of dropping Carman into any discussion possible. It’s actually a really fun group if you grew up with ’90s Christian music.

As you might expect, people there had Things To Say when the announcement came out. The reaction was pretty snarky and funny. It didn’t take long for the memes to start up, and that’s what this post is really about. I wanted to share some of my favorites in a place where they won’t get buried by other posts. Photos are linked to the original and I’ve included links to YouTube.

image of Titanic sinking with text “Are you down with the DC Talk?”

Song: “Luv is a Verb

Song: “Big House

Song: “Kiss Me

Song: “Move to Bremerton

Song: “Home Run

Album: Americana. P.S. Everything Starflyer 59 puts out is great. Seriously.

Song: “Butterfly Kisses

Song: “Hide the Beer the Pastor’s Here

Song: “Samovar

Song: “Easy Listening

Song: “Beyond Belief

Song: “R.I.O.T.

And finally, the current header image for the 90s Christian Music Recovery Group:

Song: “We’re on a Boat

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