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Diablo Lake

Last Saturday I decided to explore some more of this gorgeous part of the country. The Cascade Loop is a 440-mile roadway through the Cascades. I have been through part of it when visiting Leavenworth, but there is much of it I have not been on yet. I chose to go down the other side of the loop, through North Cascades National Park to Diablo Lake. I only made a day trip of it, but would love to take a few days to go all the way around the loop and see everything. Below are some photos.

A photo of

Gorge Dam and Gorge Lake beyond it. This is one of three dams and together they apparently provide ~89% of Seattle’s electricity.

A photo of

A closer view of Gorge Lake.

A photo of

Pinnacle Peak, I think.

A photo of

Diablo Lake looking west, Davis Peak

A photo of

Diablo Lake looking south—look at the color of the water! And Colonial Peak, I think.

A photo of

Diablo Lake from Diablo Dam, Ruby Mountain

A photo of

I drove over the Diablo Dam. It felt good to be a gangsta.

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Jeremiah Ragsdale, Laurie Guerrettaz, Rachelskirts, and 13 others

Alanna Faith Abrams Alanna Faith Abrams
My favorite lake.

Sheryl Hugill Sheryl Hugill
Wow. So pretty. So you've been to Leavenworth too? I've never been but I've heard of it. It actually popped into my head earlier this week. Is it cool?

Gypsy Feather Gypsy Feather
Amazing pics! So beautiful

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Leavenworth was fun. We weren't there for any big festivities, but it's modeled after a Bavarian village and has a lot of fun shops and good food. Had some amazing brats there. I think there's at least one brewery. It's in the mountains so the drive there is quite scenic, and there's skiing in the winter if you're into that. It's probably a day trip unless you're there for a festival or skiing.

Sheryl Hugill Sheryl Hugill
Yeah, I've seen pictures and knew it was modeled after a Bavarian village. It looks so cool!

Sally Cassidy Sally Cassidy
Beautiful Images!

Lucy Dates Lucy Dates
Beautiful scenery! Worth exploring further!

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