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Podcasts I am Listening To

This is one of those posts I have wanted to write but kept forgetting to. I was reminded again while chatting with Marty, and when I asked him what podcasts he recommended, he went and wrote a whole post. So it's time I finally wrote mine. I'll try to break mine down into categories, too.


You've probably heard of these already, so here's one more recommendation for them!



  • Note to Self: discussions on preserving our humanity in the digital age
  • Flash Forward: each episode dramatizes a possible (or not-so-possible) future scenario, then analyzes it. Recommended episode “The Witch Who Came from Mars
  • Reply All: great stories related to the internet. Also, their segment “Yes, Yes, No” trying to understand weird Twitter memes is great and could be its own separate show. Recommended episode “Storming the Castle


Interviews / Pop Culture


  • Still Buffering: Three sisters bridging the gap between teenagers of yesterday and today
  • Invisibilia: really interesting stories and scientific research about the invisible things that control human behavior
  • Delete Your Account: informative discussions with political activists and organizers
  • We Have to Ask: I just picked up on Marty’s own podcast, where everything seems to change from episode to episode
  • Professor Blastoff: Tig Notoro had a podcast but alas I did not listen to it in time. Now it's behind a paywall. :/

What podcasts do you enjoy and recommend?

Now I really want to try podcasting again. Jeremiah and I technically have Late Night Toast, but it's been a little while since our last episode…

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Sheryl Hugill, Sheryl, Marty McGuire, and 2 others

Chris Magnusson Chris Magnusson
Note to Self and Invisibilia ❤❤

Laurie Guerrettaz Laurie Guerrettaz
Dang. I love Here's the Thing w/ Alec Baldwin.

Jeremiah Ragsdale Jeremiah Ragsdale
While Late Night Toast is fun, maybe late is too late? #ShowingMyAge

Jeremiah Ragsdale Jeremiah Ragsdale
Drive time is usually my only opportunity to listen to podcasts and I've been catching up on a couple individual ones, so right now I'm listening to Obsessed with Design and Building a Story Brand.

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
Early Morning Toast?

Early Morning Oatmeal? That's a podcast I could do with Maurice!

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