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I have been thinking that linkblog posts should make a comeback. It feels more meaningful to periodically collect a list of links in one post than to post them sporadically on Twitter. There's so much noise on Twitter that things can be easily overlooked. Seeing Rachelskirts and Todd posting linkblogs has finally motivated me to do the same.

Normally I expect these link collections will cover a variety of topics. For this first edition, though, I'm focusing on one topic. I have been thinking a lot about the recent news with James Damore's Google Memo, his subsequent firing, and sexism in tech. I was starting to work on a post about it, but honestly others have already written some great responses. On with the links!

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Tim Loyer, Todd Grotenhuis, Sheriff Rosco P Coltrain

Aaron Parecki Aaron Parecki
+1 for more thoughtful and curated collections!

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