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Saving to Huffduffer on Android

Huffduffer is a great site for bookmarking audio files you want to listen to. It provides RSS feeds so you can easily subscribe in your podcast software of choice. I love using it to try out an episode or two of a podcast without subscribing to it. There’s a bookmarklet you can use to quickly “Huffduff” a link. This works great on desktop, but sometimes I am on mobile and want to save something.

I was able to set this up with the URL Forwarder app on Android. The app lets you create filters, which is a way to pass a URL on to another site. In this instance, I want to pass along the URL of a podcast episode to In the app, tap the plus sign to create a new filter. Enter a filter name that makes sense to you; I used “Huffduff it” to match the site. For the Filter URL, enter Leave the Replaceable Text field as @url and make sure “URL encode the forwarded URL” is checked. It should look like the screenshot below. Finally, tap the checkmark to finish creating the filter.

Create Filter UI in the URL Forwarder app for Android

Now when I come across a podcast episode I want to listen to, I tap “Share,” then the URL Forwarder icon labeled “Choose filter,” tap “Huffduff it,” and I’m taken to the Huffduffer page to bookmark the audio. Huffduffer does a great job of automatically filling in the audio file, description, and tags, so at this point I usually don’t have to make any edits, just click “Huffduff it” and it will appear in my custom podcast feed.

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Robert Robert
Thanks for sharing this. Here is a URL for Youtube video files:

Carl Likes Carl Likes mentioned this –

Fohio Fohio
Thanks a lot Robert :)

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