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Random Thoughts on Moving


This month has flown by. I’m moving to San Diego in just a couple more days! 99% of my stuff was packed up this past Saturday and is on its way. I’m in my mostly empty apartment now cleaning and getting last minute tasks done.

I’m feeling quite a few things in cycles and sometimes all at once. I am excited about living somewhere new, especially in California. I am sad when I think about what brought me to Bellingham and that it didn’t work out. I laugh when I think about the first improv class I took last year and the great people I met through it. I wonder if California will be home for me for longer, or if I will move again in a few years (oof).

Last Thursday I got together with some of the improv 100 gang at Rook and Rogue, a board game pub. We had a lot of fun and laughs, as usual. Near the end we stepped outside to part ways and lingered about another 30 minutes… the not-sure-how-to-say-goodbye thing. That surprised me a bit. It was humbling to feel so missed by people I met just a year ago. Or maybe they were just improvising. (I keed, I keed.)

As I thought about it later, it feels like there is something special about this group that has kept us closer outside of the class. Maybe it’s because after our very first class someone asked if anyone wanted to go get a drink. We went to Boundary Bay and spent as long talking as we had been in class together. We kept doing that every week after class for eight weeks. They’re a special group of people and I’m going to miss them.

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Sarah Kate Kunkel, Sheryl , Jeremiah Ragsdale, and 5 others

Darrell Schoen Darrell Schoen
Did not meet you through the Improv class, but it has been great to have you in the WRSN group where your presence & support will be missed, as well as, personally!

Gregor Morrill Gregor Morrill
I'm happy to have met you Darrell and will miss you as well as the rest of the WRSN group. :)

Paul Christian Paul Christian
Wish I could have seen you do improv. Your a very funny person.

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