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2018-06-10 update: This information is no longer current. Refer to my newer notes and indiebookclub.

Martijn asked if I had documented the micropub request I make for read posts. I had not yet, so decided to make some quick notes while it's fresh in my mind.

Currently, it sends an h-cite object with properties: status, url, name, author, and isbn.

Each of these properties is optional. If nothing is entered in the field in Quill, the property is not sent in the request.

The h-cite object also has a content property which has an html key. The value of that key is the HTML for the citation. This serves as a fallback in case the site does not process the micropub h-cite object directly. For example, my own site displays this since I do not yet process the h-cite object.

Finally, the h-cite object has a summary property, which is a plain text version of the content property.

Unfortunately, I have not been actively using this on my own site. This is in part because I'm still getting used to the idea of using a micropub client to post to my site instead of using the posting interface directly on my site. I am still interested in developing it further, though. I think once it can pull up a list of the user's books, I will find myself using it more.

Eddie Hinkle

Eddie Hinkle

What Micropub app do you use to send that?

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