I’m experimenting with a new post footer on my homepage. I got some good feedback when someone wanted to comment from the homepage. They clicked follow my posts and were confused by the suggestions to subscribe with Feedly, Woodwind, etc. In this mockup I’ve added links directly to the responses and the form to leave a new response.

I also wanted to have a slightly larger photo and little blurb about me on the homepage. That let me remove a line from the published date + syndication links. I think it makes a better place for the follow my posts button as well.

One thing I’m still working through is the link to the previous post. I couldn’t find a good position for it, so removed it for this mockup. I think I would still like to find a place for it that looks good, but maybe it isn’t strictly necessary? The next+previous links will continue to appear on the permalink for each post, plus there is the Archives page.


gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
I’ve launched this on both my homepage and article permalinks. I’m still working out where to include the next/previous post links, but I thought this was good enough of an improvement to launch it.

Below is a screenshot of what it looked like previously. Compare that with the new version.

screenshot of previous post footer