I saw Beach House this past Sunday with Sarah Walker. They performed entirely in silhouette with some gorgeous lighting.

β˜… Jamie Maldonado, Katie Johnson, John R. Lee, Justin Slick, jennifer moody, Sheryl Hugill, Laurie Guerrettaz, Gretchen Alice, Nicole, 🀘🏼, Ronnie The-Bear, Nic Lake, april., Sarah 5

phototypical phototypical –
Great photos!

zeethelibrarian zeethelibrarian –
I saw them in July!

gregorlove gregorlove –
@zeethelibrarian Nice!

gregorlove gregorlove –
@phototypical thanks!

zeethelibrarian zeethelibrarian –
That’s so cool that we both like them

niclake niclake –
Oh man that’d be a trip.



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