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Facebook and Twitter are absolutely the internet when it comes to social platforms, so those sites creating monopolies assisted by the government do shut down peoples voices when they kick them off. To think otherwise is willful naivete

I disagree and find this hyperbolic, especially about “monopoly.” There are many alternatives to being social online. It’s naive to think AJ is now “vaporized from the internet.”

Jacquelyn BB

Burton Fisher Burton Fisher
Your disagreeing is irrelevant, and you're wrong about monopolies, too, as they make up over 95% of the world's social media. So, it's naïve to think he will have near the same voice, he was just trying to be social, or that Glenn was being literal when he said "vaporized". SMH

Burton Fisher Burton Fisher
But to prove you're not wrong, tell us which sites can provide Jones close to the same audience as Facebook and Twitter. That will help you out

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We fundamentally disagree about social media being “the internet.” (…)


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