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Hello, end of summer

I found it funny that as soon as we hit Labor Day, the San Diego weather got overcast. I can’t complain, because it’s still San Diego and generally gorgeous.

This summer I have been more focused on writing code, microformats parsing issues, and some other geeky things with my site and indiebookclub. I have been itching to do some more writing for humans, though, so here I am.

Unfortunately, I think I am about done with Twitter. I go back and forth on this, because historically I have loved the site. I have met some great people through it and had a lot of fun. I have some serious issues with their policies on people posting bigoted content and generally doing the bare minimum (at best) when it comes to harassment. I started another post on that topic, though. I suppose I should finish that up.

Last month I visited my mom in Montana. Unfortunately there were wildfires in nearby Glacier National Park so it was smoky for most of it, but we did get to drive around and see some of the gorgeous landscape. They just moved into their newly-built house, which is lovely. I am excited for them because now they don’t have a never-ending list of home improvement projects like they did in Indiana. They’re really loving Montana as well. Oh, and they have a blog.

Tomorrow I am heading to Portland for my first XOXO Festival. I was disappointed when they announced they were done in 2016, but now they’re back! The community seems pretty great and I’m looking forward to it.

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