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Though now @gRegorLove I am really confused on the difference between a read post and an h-review of a book. Is a read, either want-to, reading, done just an action with no summary? Does a red post become a review once you make a recommendation?

I think a read post primarily indicates an action related to reading it. “I want to read this,” “I am currently reading this,” or “I finished reading this.” I think any of those could include an optional comment. The Goodreads status update UI is a good example of this: you can update your reading progress and include a comment each time. Once you’ve marked a book as finished, you have a separate UI to enter a review and a rating, independent of your previous status updates and comments.

I think the general indieweb workflow for this would be several posts:

  1. A read post with status to-read
  2. read post(s) with status reading (one or more)
  3. A read post with status finished
  4. An h-review post

Personally I don't think updating existing posts is a great idea in this workflow, but I'm open to ideas. These are my suggestions based on experience with Goodreads.

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This make sense, and I agree I don't want to revise a post either, though I do wonder if a read post with a status reading should be a reply-to a read post with status to-read and then a read post with the status of finished sent as a reply-to to the read post with a status reading


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