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LA Adventure

Blogging pro-tip: make sure your comment form works and you didn’t accidentally break it six months ago. Apologies if you tried to comment during that time. Your comment was eaten by a grue. Thanks for bringing that bug to my attention, Rachelskirts.

I’m heading up to LA today to have dinner with Jenn and her husband Robert who are in town for a conference, as well as fellow DC-Talk-loving1 friend, Elizabeth. They’re a great group of people and it’s a yummy restaurant, so I’m looking forward to it.

I do wish the train schedule between here and LA was a bit more frequent so I could take that. Coming back, my options are basically 10:30pm or 12:30am. It’s a 2.5 hour trip and the drive is quicker, so I’m choosing that, even though driving into LA can be an adventure.

1 Alternate title for this post: Some People Gotta Travel to LA the Hard Way.

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gee-FM gee-FM
I will never forget the one wild night I spent in downtown LA. And the second scariest part of it was the traffic and the way the cab driver drove. Good luck, gee-Regor!

Jenn Jenn
We loved seeing you! And, it might have taken me months to realize that you were doing this blogging month had we not had dinner together!

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