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Not So Different

you are not edgy or different for uncritically disliking popular music while uninformed send tweet


I have definitely been guilty of this. I think it stemmed from getting into alternative, punk, and other non-mainstream music in the ’90s. Being a fan of those type of bands felt like being in a little club and it was easy to look down on pop music. I tried to justify it at the time: bubble gum pop is manufactured by songwriters and labels with tons of money, but the music I listened to was by “real artists.”

In retrospect, it was mostly a way to try to be different. I think there can be legitimate critique about pop music in that vein, but that doesn’t mean it’s all automatically bad music. I think my attitude is much more “Let people enjoy things” now and I find myself more willing to try out music I previously would have ignored.

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Asha Dornfest

Isha Isha
Just want you to know I read this! And I remember feeling a bit like that. It’s easy to fall into about a lot of things.

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