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Ten Year Glow-Up

The ten-year photo thing is going around again which gave me a good excuse to go through old photos on Facebook and re-live fun memories. I chose this photo mostly because it was easy to re-create in the moment, and I loved that shirt.

on the left, a photo of me from October 2009. on the right, a photo of me from 2019

“the '2009 vs 2019' photos really only work for one age bracket: people who were awkward teenagers/college students who didn't know their angles in 2009, and who are now glowed-up late 20/early 30-somethings who have figured out their eyebrows and gotten better cameras”
Chelsea Fagan

☑ awkward college student
☑ knows acute, right, and obtuse angles
☐ figured out their eyebrows
☑ better cameras
☑ still awkward
☑ glowed-up early 30-something

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Sarah 5, elliott walker, Sheryl ?? ?, and 35 others

gregorlove gregorlove
2009 photo by @spiffypop

indiana_mama indiana_mama
???. My photo is almost the same as yours. I’ll have to post

ronniethebearofficial ronniethebearofficial
My heart!!! ?♥️

thelastdomino thelastdomino
Like a fine wine you are!

larryguitarz larryguitarz
I like the vintage haircut.

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