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IndieWebify.Me Updates

When people are getting started in the indieweb, we commonly point them to IndieWebify.Me to validate some of the building blocks on their site. One of those building blocks is the h-card microformat which is used to markup information about yourself: your URL, name, photo, bio, and more. Earlier this year I worked on some updates to the h-card validator and now they’re live!


  1. Check for all h-card properties. That list of properties is also linked at the bottom of the validator results.
  2. Improve the language about adding h-card properties. Previously, it emphatically told you “Add an email!” or “Add a note/bio!” We want to encourage adding microformats for any existing contact information you already display without implying you need to add new information.
  3. Normalize the entered URL. If you enter just “” it will automatically prefix “http://”

Let me know if you run into any problems, or file an issue on GitHub.

Thanks to Martijn and Tantek for their reviews and feedback on these updates!

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