@SuzeShardlow It was great meeting you tonight. Here’s the details for IndieWebCamp London I mentioned. https://2020.indieweb.org/london


Suze Shardlow in sunny SoCal ????️ Suze Shardlow in sunny SoCal ????️
It was great to meet you too, @gRegorLove! I'm still laughing at our conversation with @artlung about dialup Internet access in the 1990s ? and how we had to pay for calls by the minute in the UK ??

Thanks for the tip about IndieCamp, I have signed up ?

Simon Prickett ?? Simon Prickett ??
Yell when you post this month’s Bowie picture too - thanks :)

gRegor Morrill gRegor Morrill
Here you go! This will go out in the This Week in the IndieWeb newsletter, too.