I’m on about day 11 of my quaranbeard. Not sure what I think about it yet, but I’m sticking it out for a while. How is your beard treating you?


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girlfrmmars girlfrmmars
I love it, gee-Regor! I just can’t get my beard to sprout. I’m doing something wrong...

starwalker5 starwalker5

ronniethebearofficial ronniethebearofficial
? I like it! Yaaaasssss ???

gregorlove gregorlove
@girlfrmmars I used chia seeds

starwalker5 starwalker5
@gregorlove #keepthebeard2020

girlfrmmars girlfrmmars
@gregorlove Oh, good tip. I wonder if I can get some through curb-side pickup... ?

clohnart clohnart
This guy at my church. Let’s just call him Jacob because that’s his real name. Well he grew his beard out once and ever since than I haven’t had the heart. My picture is real old.

geno_boho geno_boho
It’s throwing me off! I like it, but this is the first time I’ve seen you with facial hair

rhettsarlin rhettsarlin
I'm approaching werewolf status as we speak. But I'd already been growing my beard out before this started.

khurtlwilliams khurtlwilliams
My facial hair is not an iissue. It’s easily dispatched with a razor. It the head hair that’s a problem.

clohnart clohnart
@clohnart because his beard was glorious and such

gregorlove gregorlove
@rickyleepotts ?