I am proposing a session for IndieWebCamp West Coast: “Keeping Track of Books and Reading Progress.”

I would like to discuss the use-cases and experiences of using our websites to:

  1. track books we want to read
  2. categorize (or “shelve”) books
  3. track reading progress

Most of my personal experience has been around tracking books I want to read. It is probably more accurate to classify those as want posts instead of read posts. I’d like to discuss the differences between these three types of posts and what they look like on our sites. Regarding categorizing books, we should also discuss Library JSON.

This session is broader than indiebookclub but will likely have an impact on it. indiebookclub creates posts with a status of to-read, reading, or finished. The first is probably a want post and the others seem to be reading progress posts.


Ryan Barrett