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@gRegorLove How is your workflow when posting a note in ProcessWire and automatically posting it to Twitter via Bridgy? Where do you add the Bridgy webmention endpoint URLs? Or do you use another method?

I’ve used a variety of approaches over the years, from manual to semi-automatic. Here’s some different things I’ve done:

Initially I would publish a note, then use the interactive Bridgy Publish form from my account page. Your account page is Paste the URL of your note there, choose the options whether you want your original link appended to the tweet, then preview it. If it looks good, publish it. I then would copy the tweet’s URL and add it on my original note as a syndication link. See below on this note for an example of that syndication link.

After I did that for a while and it was working smoothly, I started to automate it more. Bridgy Publish lets you send a webmention to trigger the publish. I set up a custom bit of PHP code that would let me click a button to send off that webmention for the note I wanted to publish. Sending a webmention is a pretty simple POST request, so I used the WireHTTP class for that. When publishing to Twitter, the successful Bridgy response includes the Twitter API data for the tweet. I wrote some more code that processes that response to get the tweet’s URL and updates the syndication link on the note.

Note that all of this is separate from the Webmention plugin itself. The code for my semi-automatic publishing isn’t part of a plugin and isn’t very polished code, so I haven’t released any of it. If I can find a way to make it more user-friendly, I might release it, or at least write a tutorial with more guidance. is a useful tool to debug the microformats in your posts, by the way. Here’s the parsed result of this very note. The in-reply-to property is what Bridgy Publish uses to post a reply tweet. The syndication property is one way Bridgy maps your original post to the Twitter copy for sending responses back to you — particularly if you don’t include your original post link in the tweet.


Francesco Schwarz
Francesco Schwarz Francesco Schwarz
Thanks a lot for the explanation!
I’m already sending webmentions via Bridgy Publish. I altered your module to optionally include the publish URLs for (in my case) Twitter and Mastodon. I’ve done this in this file around that line. I’ve added a checkbox in my notes called “Post to Bridgy?”, and when that is checked I append the Bridgy publish URLs to $page->{$field} as additional URLs to process for webmentions.
The core of what I need is what you wrote here:
I wrote some more code that processes that response to get the tweet’s URL and updates the syndication link on the note.
That’s basically exactly what I’m looking for it. I see if I can achieve that by myself, playing a bit around with it.
But thanks again for you reply, that clarifies a lot for me. And it’s also a bit sobering to see that apparently it’s really not that easy to automate the process. Looking around at all the #indieweb blogs and seeing all the syndicated links on notes frankly I felt quite stupid not understanding how all this folks are doing this automatically. Also one really can’t find a whole lot information around the web, which adds to the problem.

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