selfie with my hair down to my eyes, clearly in need of a haircut

Wanted: haircut. Or emo bandmates?


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jeremiahrags jeremiahrags
I’ll be sure to wake you when September ends.
Hey Gregor, we'd love to collab with you. DM @salvatore.franco.brand and let’s plan something

pierrearden_team_paulvincent pierrearden_team_paulvincent
Such a great IG, Gregor! We'd like to organise a collab with you. Please DM @pierre.arden and advise we sent you.

gregorlove gregorlove
@jeremiahrags That's in like six months, right? #stillMarch

gregorlove gregorlove
@lizlemonskinnypuppy thanks thanks thanks

nationchaser nationchaser
I vote emo bandmates

willi_b willi_b
Can you throw a football over them mountains?

geno_boho geno_boho
Shaggy Guy Fawkes ☺️

ronniethebearofficial ronniethebearofficial
Emo band mates for sure! ???

gregorlove gregorlove
@willi_b watch this *throws steak*

jasoncoons37 jasoncoons37
Looks good on you old friend