myself giving a thumbs up with a big smile and a 'I got my Covid vaccine' sticker on my shirt

Circle circle, dot dot, I just got my (first) Covid shot.

It felt surreal when I was next in line, realizing I had been waiting a whole year for this and it was actually finally happening.


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nathan.heyyou.berger nathan.heyyou.berger
Ah, jealous. Happy for you, friend.

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ronniethebearofficial ronniethebearofficial
Someone’s looking vaccinated....and hot ? ?? love youuuu ?♥️

gwynethcolleen gwynethcolleen
I am wearing the same shirt right now! :)

geno_boho geno_boho
Bearded and vaccinated...ladies I’m getting my shot this Thursday

jeremiahrags jeremiahrags
Congratulations! There’s some light at the end of this COVID tunnel.

gregorlove gregorlove
@gwynethcolleen FIF4LIFE

gwynethcolleen gwynethcolleen
@gregorlove I just ordered a machine to cut vinyl so I can screen print stuff, and I prob need to make this shirt. :)

florida.five florida.five
If you turn into a zombie, pls lmk

davegoesthedistance davegoesthedistance
What flavor did you get?

gregorlove gregorlove
@davegoesthedistance Pineapple

gregorlove gregorlove
@davegoesthedistance but like a modern(a) pineapple flavor, ya know?

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