How to make a Zombie Cash:

selfie wearing all black pants, shirt, and cowboy hat

1. Cowboy hat up! And wear black.

close-up of zombie makeup on my face

2. Add zombie makeup.

self with Sarah both in our zombie makeup

3. Meet an undead June Carter and popularize her song, “Ring of Fire.”

self with Nori the pup

4. Optional but encouraged: pose with the pup.

Props to Sarah for the zombie makeup and a great Halloween party! Check out her latest post to see her performing “Ring of Fire” on autoharp!


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girlvsplanet girlvsplanet
And sad I couldn't make it to the party. Maybe next time!

gregorlove gregorlove
@girlvsplanet Come on down anytime, doesn't even have to be an occasion. We'll make it one. :)