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“certainly individuals at higher risk should be masking...”

No, everyone should be, Director, even by your community levels metric.

Why is she so committed to downplaying this? (rhetorical)


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Because this administration, just like the last administration, wants it downplayed.

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exactly everyone should be masking - especially for the higher risk

Dr. Shaw Dr. Shaw
She has been weirdly hostile to masks since day 1. I’ve never understood it.

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She has been hostile to them since the start of the pandemic. When she was at our hospital before her appointment she refused us access to adequate PPE ( even for anesthesiologists doing intubations on COVID patients). She was an “at home hero” never setting foot in the hospital

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It's not a mystery, the CDC like every other part of the government only exists to serve the capitalist class at this point, and the capitalist class demands people die to make line go up. She's doing her job