Near-term Plans for My Twitter

On the IndieWeb chat, Chris Aldrich prompted a discussion about people migrating away from Twitter. I started to reply, but I realized it would be better to post a note here — partly as a nudge to myself and partly to get back in the habit of writing.

I have a moral objection to the way Elon Musk is running Twitter. This post won’t go into all those details, but the short version is that he is allowing racists, antisemites, and outright Nazis back on the platform under the guise of “free speech.” See also: this succinct note by Ben Werdmuller.

In late 2019, I was pushing myself to get off of Facebook. It was important for me to keep in contact with people from there, so I started setting up a newsletter. I intended to post a farewell notice and let people subscribe to stay in touch. That stalled due to the pandemic, though thankfully I have been successful at not posting on Facebook! With the recent Twitter events, I’m spurred to get this done and quickly.

My near-term plan is to finish up the newsletter subscription system, publish a How to Follow Me page with details of the newsletter, my feeds, and even Mastodon to follow along. Then I will write an announcement post on Twitter and pin it. I will probably change my display name to “Find me at” In the following months, I may make my Twitter account private.

I have my Twitter export and intend to archive them all on my site and delete them from Twitter, but that is a longer-term project. Eventually my Twitter profile will just be a pointer to my site.

If you are already on Mastodon and want to follow me now, visit and enter your Mastodon username.


Marty McGuire

This is a good nudge for me to figure out what I'll do after working on Sele and Shock for a bit. I do want to give people a way to keep tabs on me if they'd like. I think I might crib some ideas you have here!

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