poster of a woman wearing a mask on a yellow background with text at the top 'DO NO HARM' and text at the bottom 'Keep Masks in Healthcare. Wearing a mask is harm reduction. Protect your community.'

We should not have to worry about getting COVID while receiving healthcare and workers should not have to fear contracting it at work. We know that COVID is airborne, people can be infectious without showing symptoms, and two-way masking is effective at reducing its spread.

The People’s CDC has some great resources and action materials. Check out their website, specifically “Keep Healthcare Safe” under the “Actions” menu. You can contact your governor, county health officials, and healthcare executives to tell them they should make masking the new infection control standard for healthcare.

In the meantime, please continue masking indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces. This is an act of love and reciprocal care. We are interdependent and there is no individualizing of risk during these times.

Art credit: @schmutzparty on Twitter who said to “take, share, and distribute widely.” A high resolution version is also available.


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