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Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was one of those rare times when I actually had a lot of activities going on. Lately, I’m lucky if I have one thing going on 😎 but this time I had three.

Friday night was the Manchester Orchestra / Jimmy Eat World show. It was downtown just outside of the baseball stadium. I didn’t realize until it got closer that it coincided with Comic-Con. I ended up parking close enough to walk but not so close that I’d be stuck in the traffic chaos afterward. I had not really listened to Manchester Orchestra much before, but they really rocked. Jimmy Eat World was great as always and played a few of my all-time favorites, “For Me This is Heaven”, “A Praise Chorus”, and “23”.

Saturday I decided kind of last minute to go see the My Brother, My Brother, and Me live show. Initially I was going to pass on it since it was also in the heart of the Comic-Con crowd. I’m really glad I went, though. It was very funny and felt good to laugh with people. I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of other people voluntarily masked. I saw many dozens wearing masks. Contrast that with only a handful I saw at the Brett Goldstein show last month.

Then Sunday night I got together with my friend Miranda for a beach walk at Torrey Pines. It was good to catch up and check out a bunch of sea critters in some tide pools. We were checking out the sea life when we saw a 🍑 go by. I guess we finally walked far enough that direction to hit the nude beach, so we decided to head back.

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