A smiling selfie at the beach with the ocean in the background. I'm wearing a black Five Iron Frenzy t-shirt with text "Hope Still Flies" and dark sunglasses.
A rainbow-colored Christmas tree set up on the beach
A view looking down the beach with bright blue sky and whispy clouds. Ocean on the left, beach on the right, and people walking
A lone seagull chilling on the beach

Happy Christmas from the beach! I made the difficult, last-minute decision not to travel this holiday due to the high COVID transmission levels currently (see pmc19.com/data). Decided to make the best of the day with some beach time, though!

1. My mug at the beach 😎

2. I met a guy who had set up this rainbow-colored Christmas tree. He said it had sort of become a tradition since the pandemic. Love it!

3. Others enjoying the lovely day

4. After walking for a while, I sat down to write and read some. This seagull pal (seapal?) chilled about 10 feet from me for a while.

I know this is a difficult time for a lot of people. I hope you got to experience some moments of joy today, though. 💛


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