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Braindump 2024

Some stream of consciousness to start out the New Year.

I felt pretty melancholy today seeing all the pictures of loved ones out enjoying life without any precautions. Still seeing an increasing number of them reporting that they caught Covid again. We can’t keep repeating this cycle. We have to do better.

I’m 45 now. I mostly feel “eh” about it. I have a hard time making a big deal of my birthday since it’s the day after Christmas. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it’s left over stuff from childhood. We would try to have the half-year birthday parties, but often had bad luck with scheduling conflicts or getting rained out. I am appreciative when friends send me birthday wishes during the busy season, though.

I’m not really a resolution type of person even in the best of times. I saw a video with the idea of making a bingo card for the year. I guess that’s basically making a bunch of smaller goals for the year, but maybe the gamification aspect would be interesting. I might do something like that for things I want to add or finish on my site. There’s quite a backlog of ideas, so that could help me work through them, and importantly, remove the ones that sounded nice at one point but I don’t really need.

Braindump 2024 sounds like a sci-fi movie from the ’80s.

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