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Pandemic Solidarity

I learned of a virtual event coming up March 8-10, Pandemic Solidarity for the Long Future. They released a powerful political statement and a list of ten actions for pandemic solidarity.

We must tell the truth about this crisis.

Profit-driven public health guidelines have failed us. Our capitalist governments serve the elites and the economy, not the people. They have deprived us of the information, tools, and policies we need to protect ourselves. Instead of providing free high-quality masks, access to updated testing, and supportive workplace protocols, they give us lies to uphold their fragile capitalist system.

We must commit to COVID safety for all and not just for some.

In opposition to a culture of eugenics, ableism, and racism, we choose to build a world invested in community care and liberation for all peoples. We must defend our right to clean air and protection from deadly diseases in all spaces. COVID-19 mitigations are not restrictions, but necessary acts of radical love and survival that treat each of us as valuable and worthy of protection. Many of us are experiencing real grief, pain, and betrayal.We invite you to yell, cry, and act in solidarity with all of us who have been abandoned. We must implement rigorous and robust precautions that intentionally minimize COVID-19 infections.

Read the whole thing and spread the word! They also have slides on their Instagram which you can boost: @ps4.future

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