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Ah, I see the h-entry is on the body element so it wraps both of them. I'm not sure what's easiest, but you could remove the h-card from your name at the top of each post and rely on the footer h-card.

Or you could move the h-entry to an element that only wraps the post content. That would require either making the h-card at the top of the post more complete or linking to a dedicated page like the homepage for author information. More details on that option.


Nick Simson Nick Simson
I’m using a plugin called IndieBlocks that adds microformats (including a h-card around the author name) to my posts. I’m pretty sure I still want to include author information within the h-entry class, so I updated my template to include the avatar, marked up with a u-photo microformats class. I have this avatar visually hidden with CSS on my site, but it should show up in a webmention when parsed now…
My outstanding microformats question is, is it problematic to have more than one h-card on a page?