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Weekly Roundup

I wore my “We All We Got” shirt last week and got some positive reactions. The design isn’t flashy, but I think something about the phrase “We All We Got” catches attention. At the voting polls on Tuesday, someone commented that they loved my shirt. I asked if they were familiar with our mutual aid group, but apparently they weren’t. One of them caught me on my way out and asked how they could help with the migrants at the airport, so I had them take a picture of the back of the shirt with our URL on it. If you’re in San Diego, by the way, check out to get connected with that effort.

Later I was walking around the mall and some people who were fundraising for Oxfam asked me what my shirt meant. I told them a bit about our mutual aid. We hit it off really well right away. They asked if I knew about Oxfam. I told them I was familiar with the name but not so much what they do. They were super excited, explaining that sometimes people are already familiar and they don’t get to give the full spiel, “so I love when people don’t know about us.” To which I promptly joked, “Well ok, bye!” We talked for a while and — small world moment — they were also from Indiana. They mentioned Fountain Square and it brought back memories of when I hung out at the Sonshine Inn in that neighborhood.

I went to see Dune: Part Two. I really enjoyed it and it renewed my interest in reading the book(s), though honestly my reading has been so slow the last couple years. We’ll see.

On Sunday I met up for lunch outside with Braeden, the interim pastor at Missiongathering. We had a good chat. I still really appreciate that church’s work even if I’m not attending regularly, and I appreciate his continued caution around COVID.

I started pages on my site for movies and TV to watch. I’m also experimenting with a simple rating scale for things I’ve watched. I’ve posted “want to watch” notes in the past and might continue, but currently I have to search to find those. These lists are manually updated, but having them in one place will probably be easier overall. “manual until it hurts” as we say.

The XOXO Fest is coming back one last time! I was super pleased that the announcement fully acknowledges COVID and they have the start of a solid health and safety policy. I’m not sure if I’ll go, but I loved my 2018 experience and would love to go again.

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