Group photo. Left to right: Jeeves in a yellow cap and yellow sunglasses pointing at the camera like the cool '90s dude he was; Matt in a white polo; Luke in a yellow cap and red shirt; Katt with pinkish hair, green top, jeans, leaning on my shoulder; me in a rainbow-colored tall hat, maroon shirt, hand on my chin looking thoughtfully upwards; and a dude I do not remember in a blue shirt

Throwback to June 1998 at Creation Festival East. This is where I first met Jeeves (on the left in the yellow glasses). Katt was one of my earliest online friends and this was the first time we met in person. I wore fun hats at the time. As you can see, we were all pretty cool.

I was interning at Teen Mania Ministries at the time and in lieu of going on a mission trip that summer, Matt (in the white shirt) and I road tripped to a few music festivals to promote Acquire The Fire events. Jeeves was considering the internship and I think meeting us helped convince him. Sorry? 🤣

I also hit it off really well with Luke (in the red shirt). We ran into him at a couple of the festivals we went to. I think he was in a band named Little Flock. Unfortunately, I lost track of him in the following years.

Original photo by Jeeves


Joe Crawford