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I went into my apartment complex's office yesterday to fill out the 'Notice to Vacate' form, since I'm moving to a new apartment this fall with my friend Jacob. On the form there is a list of reasons to check off for why you are vacating. None of them really fit, so under Other I put “could not get the blood stains out of the carpet”

Did I really? No, but I should have. I just thought of that now. Heh heh.

Reminds me of David Spade in “Lost & Found” (funny movie) when he's telling his friend at work about being dumped by his girlfriend:

spade: “ I told her that when her phone ain't ringin', that's me not callin'”

friend: “you did?”

spade: “no, but I should have. I just thought of that now.”

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Rachelskirts Rachelskirts
That reminds me of the time that my coworker and I put “started sparking and began a small fire” as the reason that some customer returned a reading light to Office Depot. Our other coworkers actually believed us, so we made the story more and more preposterous. “The light wasn't bright enough, so he hooked it up to a car battery. He was a science professor. He stupidly used it to read in a bathtub, though, and it started sparking.” My coworker even drew burn marks on her hand, and people STILL FELL FOR IT. It was a beautiful thing.

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