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Well it looks like the bulk of my summer vacations are over. First there was Cornerstone, and today I just got back from my cousin's wedding in Arkansas.

The wedding was beautiful, and I had a great time over the several days with family as we got everything ready for the wedding. I'll write more about the whole trip and the wedding later, and will probably have some pictures to show ya, too.

I want to also welcome my newest subscribers from xanga: sunnygirl [send her email], jedean [encourage him to change his picture], punkrockchick48, and UpliftedandConvicted. I don't really know those last two, but I'll be getting to know them as I read more. Thanks for reading.

Leave a comment or something, especially if you haven't before. “Fag” isn't a comment, Nate.

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shroom shroom
Glad you had a good time. :) Welcome back to reality.

What?? My family is reality.

Cora Lynn Cora Lynn
Cornerstone was awesome... also I have started replying to your email, but haven't finished yet. Sorry. Work's been busy.

jedean jedean
Sorry about the picture, blame Cora Lynn, she forced me to wear it in public....

The Reg. Monk The Reg. Monk
G-Love. It's Mike. I was on and Sarah wants to read the essay “Walls” That I wrote. I can't find the hard copy, and was wondering if you had it in your files. Shoot me an e-mail with the answer. Thanks.

Nate Nate
I would like to let everybody know that...yes... “Fag” isn't a real comment, it's a....

Nate Light with Bonan O Crien 3000 Nate Light with Bonan O Crien 3000
... a cigarette in France?

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