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So this might fall under “freaky Internet requests from people I don't know”, but what the hey.

I will actually be in the East Texas area come the last weekend in October. I'm actually flying into DFW on Thursday Oct 24 in the afternoon. My friend (fellow xangan, cora_lynn) is picking me up - we both read your blog and really enjoy it.

So I suggested that “wouldn't it be cool if we met the infamous middleageguy?” Of course I'm arriving in the afternoon when you're probably still at work, not to mention DFW is a big area.. but I figured I'd give it a shot.

Yes, maybe we sound odd, but it would be fun to meet you and maybe get a picture (for proof, of course). Besides, it sounds like you're used to “odd” with some of your son's antics. :]

Have a great day,
gRegor []

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I think it would be great. At this point I'm not sure what my day will be like on the 24th, but let's stay in touch and give it a try. I actually have to drive by the north entrance of D/FW every day on the way home, so,
it could be a pretty easy thing to arrange.

I appreciate the opportunity to meet a couple of Xanga people and feel honored that you would contact me.


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cora_lynn cora_lynn
Have I mentioned that I'm excited?

No.. I don't think you have Cora. Are you excited?

Sheryl Sheryl

gwyneth gwyneth
sheryl is a demon? i'm scared.
you guys are going to meet middleageguy and find out 'he's' really a 12 year old girl.
oh wait, isn't it usually the other way around? hmmmm.

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