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Never in a Moss-llion Years

Let it be known far and wide that the artist formerly known as MossEisley, then recently known as NeverLand, is now once again.. MossEisley. That's right, they changed the name originally in order to avoid potential lawsuits, since they're getting pretty popular lately. NeverLand was a good choice, at first; it fit them, was in the public domain, etc. But then the reports started coming back. There's several NeverLand bands with different variants, not to mention appaarently it's the name of a notorious ranch owned by a Mr. Jackson. Uhh..

Anyway, for better or worse (and I think it's better), they're back to MossEisley. I doubt it will prove to be a problem. It's not spelled the same, and other bands have successfully used references (i.e. “Nerf Herder” )

MossEisley Official Site

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bryan bryan
neverland does kinda suit them

by the way, where does moss's name come from?

middleageguy middleageguy
I was glad to hear that they went back to the old name. I think it will only be a problem if they get really big, and then some attorney who sees $$ will go after them. I hope they're consulting with a trademark attorney.

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