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Boy, don't I feel like a slacker. Until today, I hadn't written anything all year!

That reminds me of the best news this year, something about Zao playing at Cornerstone. Heh heh..

Hello new subscribers:
Melancholy_Clown - careful, he lights stuff on fire
maniachq - any friend of j3k is a friend of mine
TheFarSightedGlory - random fellow FIF fan
middleageguy - must be getting really bored if he's reading me now..
Flippdog - check out his dumb band
bbthe1 - who owes me an email *cough*

Goodbye old subscribers who left (sniff):

+6 -2, Net +4. That's not too bad. :-]

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Sheryl Sheryl
Well, aren't you just Mr. Popular...

mattie mattie
i went shopping yesterday and bought groceries so that i can feed you guys. it's gonna be quesadillas again. if it's so yummy, why change?
i bought 2 lbs of shredded cheese-you guys'd better be hungry!

middleageguy middleageguy
You're a FIF fan? I am too, even though I'm old and clearly outside their demographic. I was saddened to hear that they will be breaking up, but hopefully they'll be passing through here one more time before they are no more.

bryan bryan
i'm stayin' loveman

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