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Today was a pretty good day overall, although I was kinda tired most of it. My Discover card final payment posted today, so I called them up to cancel my account. They tried to get me not to, though.

“May I ask why you're closing your account?”
“Because it's paid off.”, was my response.
They told me how there is no annual fee, I can keep it, blah, blah.
“No thanks.”
“Well what about emergencies?”
“I have other options”, I say, not referring to other credit cards really, but they think so.
“Is it a problem with the interest rate?”

Finally I got them to close the account. It felt good. My feelings have changed a lot about credit cards. No, I never was a big spender on it, it was easy for me not to. Just school books and stuff like that, which all added up. I just really don't like the whole “debt is normal” society that they seem to have bred. That, plus with all this stuff the government's trying to put together, such as the Total Information Awareness project, which basically sounds like it came straight out of 1984 (the book). They want to basically track every transaction and all sorts of monitoring of private life, to spot “possible terrorist trends”. Of course, if you use good ole CASH, you don't have to worry as much about this. Anyway, don't get me started. :-]

In other news, this weekend sheryl and I are headin' up north to visit gwYneth and kyle, which should be fun. Heading up Friday after work and returning Sunday afternoon. There's 2 pounds of cheese waiting for us there! Ole, Queso! That's in addition to the cheese that gwYn, kyle, sheryl, and myself will be sure to dish out. *ba dum chink*

We'll be driving up in my new(er) car, which today I think I finally came up with a name for. It's been right in front of me for several days now, can't believe I didn't think of it today: Trogdor! Whaddya think? :-]

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Sheryl Sheryl
Is this the “fun” weblog post you said you were working on?

bbthe1 bbthe1
Several days isn't that long to come up with a name...My laptop is by far the most expensive thing I've ever bought (this is excluding “buying” my tuition for six years........) but I got it 2 1/2 yrs ago and it still is nameless. Maybe when I get it a new hard drive I will name it...sort of like a new day will have come for it then....Ok I'm starting to really sound like a geek.

eddy eddy
nothing i own has a name, except my guitar, which is named hank (not for hank williams, just b/c hank sounded fitting.)
maybe my car should be named 'dent'. b/c it has one.
see you friday.

middleageguy middleageguy
Getting rid of the credit card was a good idea. I wish that more people like you just said no. Then, we wouldn't need bankruptcy courts. The total information awareness act has been scuttled, at least for the time being. It never really bothered me. The gov. has access to any info. they want anyway.

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