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I just want to check my freakin' email. Of the few times during the day when I am able to check it, NOW the mailserver has to be down.

In funnier news, in my Geology class today our professor actually said the word "poop" and it was amusing since he was seriously talking (briefly mentioning) about fossil poops. I guess they actually study this stuff. It got a chuckle the first time he said it, mostly because a) it's a funny word b) he is very professional and uses scientific terms, of which "poop" is not.

The more he talked about it, the funnier it got, and finally people were laughing out loud.. which distracted him and he started to chuckle too. He was like "I'm trying to be serious and you guys are messing me up", heh.

FYI, fossil poops don't smell. They're usually heavier than other rocks though. Now you know.

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tonguetaid tonguetaid
ive seen your name around decapolis... im a newbie. :)

shroomgirl shroomgirl
That sucks that you can't get your email. Especially because I sent you one. :D You may have already got that one, though, I sent it yesterday afternoon.

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