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Mad Woman Part Deux

Hey, Mad Woman returned! Hahah. [Read previous post for the back story] She was signing in and decided to talk to me about the "event".

She said something along the lines of "When I left the other day, that other lady said 'Don't have a hissy fit' and I just didn't feel like dealing with her. She has no idea what a hissy fit is; she wouldn't want to see a hissy fit. Her attitude was just so typical of kids today. I never thought I'd be one to say such a thing, but it's true.. kids these days."

Gosh, man I just kind of smiled and nodded, but inside I was laughing. First of all, she's wrong. She did have a hissy fit. Anything more would have been more like a coniption than a hissy fit. Second of all, I fall into her definition of "kids these years", so did she really expect me to agree with her?

But I chose the neutral position of just smiling and nodding instead of telling her how wrong she is. Hey, I value my life! :-]

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ShyN ShyN
:mouth open: That is so funny. Man... well it did take her awhile to return. Plus she knew you knew, thats so great. I have to learn that laughing on the inside thing. It'll probably save me some trouble. "What are you laughing at?" "Um I'm laughing... :drat: um..." Anyhow I'm glad you emerged from round two unscathed.

Nate Nate
Ah sure you know whats going on. or at least something...i lost the domain name...long story.. email me at I dont rememebr your email

Kathy Kathy
that's hilarious gregor... people are... well people are just dumb sometimes

you know who it be you know who it be
hehe...people you run into in service sector jobs...i tell ya. i mean, who names their kid "life angel"? (and has a lexus and lincoln navigator while living in a duplex? this is what i'm saying...)

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