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The Man: Hi, why don't you check out this music that's coming out? It's called 'The Secret Machines'
Me: Hmm, ok. *listens to six-second increments*

It sure would be nice if bands/labels promoting new music wouldn't assume that everyone out there has high-speed internet. Yeah, it's nice that the stream is CD-quality, but that also means I can only get 6 second increments, then it has to buffer for 30 seconds. Repeat process. What is more aggravating is that what I've heard of the one song “Sad and Lonely” sounds really good so far.

Where is Undercover Brother when you need him?

Also on the music topic, I got the new Blindside album and it's pretty good. It's very.. different, and branches out a lot more (stylisticly) than their previous album. I don't dislike it, but I think it will take some time to grow on me. Stand-out tracks so far that I definitely love are “Shekina”, “All of Us”, and the title track “About a Burning Fire”.

I saw The Passion Wednesday night

If you want to see what I do to Jesus every day, go see it.
I cried. I was reminded while reading Ron's weblog today, though, that lent is a time of starting over. Praise God for his neverending mercy and grace - the true mystery of life, the universe, and everything.

water black
as the moon is full
   warm nightbreeze whispers
 I'm naked and new
I know You're always throwing kisses from the sky
  Tonight I caught one

+- Blindside - Shekina

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ron ron
nice play on douglas aadams

Steph Steph
Since you wanted me to introduce myself, here I am. I think you know me through the Decapolis boards. That's how I heard about Xanga, anyway. So there, I did it, now you know me.

bethany bethany
youre beautiful.

shauna shauna
heidi&i have many goings on planned.

shauna shauna
yes !!
i love that site. it's freaking awesome. hahaha.. i can't NOT laugh at the cartoons.
&i'm not a robot..
.. .. . i think.

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