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So I won two tickets to see The Prince and Me tomorrow night (er.. today.. the 30th). Who wants to go? I thought about having a lottery of sorts to see which lucky lady gets to have a hottt date with yours truly. I'm sure it's a chick flick, so it'd be a good hottt date movie.

I got to see one of my favorite bands tonight, and for free no less. The Violet Burning played up in Fort Wayne. It was pretty spur of the moment. I checked my email at 4pm, and Doug had emailed several people saying that he was planning on going and leaving about 5pm. “Sure!”, I thought. I'm glad I went; it was a good concert and Doug and I got to talk for a while, something we don't normally get to do.

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elizabeth elizabeth
ooh, ooh, me! Pick me! Danish princes are just so dreamy!

I hear the guy in the movie is pretty good lookin' too.
I would, maybe, if you lived anywhere nearby. Unless you can make it to Indy by 7:30PM. haha

shauna shauna
haha .
awhh . i wanna go see it !
even though it does look corny .
it could be cute .. ?

big sexy big sexy
i was too busy getting a job in Illinois.
for the other thing, I would just like to say that it would fulfill my homoerotic fantasies by going out on a hot date with you.
That gRegor is so hott!!!

me me
Ron, you are not “big sexy”. That's a nickname that's already been taken by another friend of ours.

gwyneth gwyneth
i haven't even heard of that movie.
i am so behind on movie culture. there is going to be a nice fat 4 month gap between the movies that were out when i left nz and the movies that are out in the US. that means that there will be some in 7 mos time hitting the video shelves, and i'll be going, “what in the world is THIS movie? i've never even HEARD of it!” and all my american friends will say, “where have YOU been”. and then i'll say, “well, i was in aotearoa. which is way cooler than staying in america and knowing which movies came out when. so there.” so, really...i'm not sure what i'm saying here.

Contest over folks.. sorry to disappoint. I'm going with my friend Lindsay. No hottt date here. She's a long-time friend who is much like a sister. So her boyfriend shouldn't be jealous. haha
Ron - you disturb me.
gwyn - yeah, somehow I don't think you're missing much. maybe a couple good ones, but that's it. I doubt this one will be on the good list, unless you're into chick flicks. I'll report once seeing it.

Kathy Kathy
I'm so behind...
Glad to see that spring has finnally come back to your site... I really like the colors. That grey was so blah!

ron ron
Don't forget about The Boondock Saints gRegor, gwyneth needs to see that. That is unless she is real, and not a gRegor alter ego.

get your heidi on get your heidi on
i want to go see that movie so bad .
julia stiles is so so cute<333.

yeahh .
nothing is going on in my life.
i'm a bunch of blahh right now . =(
- h e i d i -

gwyneth gwyneth
gwyneth IS real. i am NOT an alter ego.
i do not understand this gregorlog comments conspiracy theory.
this is not the first time someone has insinuated that i am not real. grrrr.
(ps, if gRegor has been making posts in my xanga site for 2 yrs and then consistently commenting on his own site w/ my name...well, he's a real loser.)

Well gwyn, it's the same person insinuating it. It's just Ron being Ron.
gwyneth also does not really need to see The Boondock Saints. It really wasn't that good, and kinda twisted, honestly. Just my opinion of it.

i am gwyneth i am gwyneth
ok, gwyneth will not worry about seeing it.

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